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Make your mark

Being is...

To matter

We communicate, we evaluate and we implement, the basics of how human work together. To function in an efficient and systematic way, the means we human have evolved are extra ordinary and sometimes seam supernatural. What governs our mind and heart and what directs our intuitions is an energy within us, one may call it the fire within us, science calls it the neural system (much more like the logic board), some may call it the soul, and you are in the right if you call it something else too; makes up you me and everyone around us, it is unique to each of us, so we might as well call it a person within a person.

Each of us, a social being by nature of evolution, has one goal in life, "To Matter".

Attention seeking for a social animal is an essential, even those who despise the general definition of attention seek the attention of care, attention of recognition and most important of all, attention from the near and dear ones.

To want is...

To give

The age of civilization brought along the concept of social economics. Human then started giving for what they wanted, a barter exchange is what we called it. The norm was now established and for anything and everything, one had to give first to get something. This also became part of human nature which has left many in conundrum as not everything you can give is what someone would want to take. In modern day the expectations of society change every moment, thanks to social media and thus it is excruciating to ensure that a person makes to their life's goal, i.e. to make a mark or to leave behind a legacy.

These ever changing milestones and societal expectancies brings forth emotional distresses leading to anxiety, depression and so much more. To get has become a challenge because to give has become tougher.

Experience Enigma That Is You

Below is your chance to make a mark.

LYFTIM by Lyfe Infinity

Cope of good Hpe
A community for the people, by the people, to the people.

1 -


COPE is a platform where you will be able to write, post videos of yourself sharing your experiences, any and every experience you want to share will be welcomed. This platform is for positive reinforcement and that is what this community will deliver.

This community will exist alongside the community for the project shOUT.

2 -


Communication is the key, and frustration is the lock. With shOUT you can put out your weirdest thought, anger and frustration out and the community will help you to avoid any missteps and calm down the small guy with horns shouting his lungs out in your brains and ears.

We all have that inner demon, this community is all about shoving its tail down its demon @$$.

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