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Major Restrictions

Anyone below the age of 16 shall delete their account. If we figure out you are below the age of 16 your account and the associated e-mail id. will be blocked for ever. Users will be able to post no more than 5 times (5 posts in total) in the first week of their account creation, one week is required for our moderators to estimate your age and your behavior within the community. If you are below the age of 18, we will require you to have parental guidance, i.e. we require all the account holders of age 16 and age 17 be under parental supervision while using any service or accessing any page on this website.
Thank You


The shOUT specific guide

Hello, early on while working on this project we realized through talking to people that more half of the bad inhibitions and really bad experiences can be shut just by letting out the frustrations and thoughts that follow up in our dark twisted minds.
While this forum is not about redemption for you, this forum is not about passing a judgement on your actions either.
You maybe wondering how does letting out your inner demons help the world and an online community in any way?
It is simple, by letting out your frustration, one almost certainly gets a clear head and just the feeling of that weightlessness and a clear head in some cases ensures that you do not act up on your inhibitions.
You may now wonder, how does this work if the red guy with horns inside each of us has already carried out its vicious action like self harm?
Well at the very least then the world knows something like that has happened, even if those who have the thought of doing the same realize from your words how unhelpful those action are, it helps to better the world. We would rather have the world know that such thoughts and feelings exist so that experts can work to help others like you counter it, and eventually we hope that you have the courage to come forward and work with the experts on your negative instincts.
Each of us has a demon within us, this forum is not about sharing an emotion, passing on an experience, or for an advice... This forum is for you to put your darkest thought, deepest regret, worst mistakes out there into the world (anonymously).
No one shall pass a judgement, features are being worked on and moderators shall be given rights to remove any judgmental comments and replies. we are working on means and features that shall enable us to ensure minimal privacy issues on all the forum pages.
Thank You


The Cope specific guide

Hello brave hearts, The community welcomes positivity, lovely moments, awesome topics, darkest observations, the smallest of the problems and even the mightiest personal issues that you face.
Hello trolls, the community requests you, before entering, personal bashings, harsh words and cyber bullying tactics be shoved up your beautiful little @$$.
Hello listeners, you are so very critical to this community. Feel free to share your own experiences to help, enable the brave hearts in their journey through their best and the worst times, feel free to share any level of business information with the brave hearts as long as it helps them, for example a psychology counselor, a volunteer working with NGO or a business that can actually be helpful to the Braveheart overcome their problem. We understand every assistance is an opportunity for personal and business growth but if your replies, advices and motives seem to revolve around only promoting a business or a service, the comment/post/video/image no matter how genuinely innocent or inconsequential, it shall be removed.
Thank You


The Yaysayers

The Yaysayers, this community is to you, you share, the community listens. No thought is too silly, no emotion is too stupid, no feeling is non existent and no topic is untouchable. You type your hearts out and the community will lend its ears, in this case its eyes. Every thing big or small you share starts a conversation, a chain that makes things happen. Something that you deem small might be a weight pulling someone down, and when you share that person gets the courage to talk... Every word matters, every life matters, you matter.
Thank You


The Nayslayers

This community is by you. You listen, you share wisdom, you make the world a better place. Be it writing a post, sharing a youtube video of yours or supporting someone who has shared their experience, their emotion or trauma, every action you take is a step towards slaying the naysayers. You have a super power of being a human, you are a super hero just by being you. We all have our faults, but by lending the helping hand you have made a contribution that we can not be thankful enough for.
Thank You


General Guidelines

Fst Nme, Lst Nme, Fck It! Seriously, we do not care about names, outlandish, hilarious, serious, stupid or outright real name, choose anything for your profile name, we do not mind. As long as you are sharing a genuine email-id with us, we know you are a human and that's all it takes to gain our trust ;). While we will do our best in keeping up with the latest privacy standards, we request you to adhere to your best community behavior and avoid using someone's name for any purpose without their prior consent.
Trigger a conversation, not your mind! This community is for positive re-enforcement no user will be spared for bashing someone for sharing their thoughts, a human may be lost, this platform is to guide them, a person may be distressed, this platform is to lend them a helping hand. Using a slang or words to demean a person is prohibited.
Thank You


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