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General Guidelines

Fst Nme, Lst Nme, Fck It! Seriously, we do not care about names, outlandish, hilarious, serious, stupid or outright real name, choose anything for your profile name, we do not mind. As long as you are sharing a genuine email-id with us, we know you are a human and that's all it takes to gain our trust ;). While we will do our best in keeping up with the latest privacy standards, we request you to adhere to your best community behavior and avoid using someone's name for any purpose without their prior consent.
Trigger a conversation, not your mind! This community is for positive re-enforcement no user will be spared for bashing someone for sharing their thoughts, a human may be lost, this platform is to guide them, a person may be distressed, this platform is to lend them a helping hand. Using a slang or words to demean a person is prohibited.
Thank You


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