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The Cope specific guide

Hello brave hearts, The community welcomes positivity, lovely moments, awesome topics, darkest observations, the smallest of the problems and even the mightiest personal issues that you face.
Hello trolls, the community requests you, before entering, personal bashings, harsh words and cyber bullying tactics be shoved up your beautiful little @$$.
Hello listeners, you are so very critical to this community. Feel free to share your own experiences to help, enable the brave hearts in their journey through their best and the worst times, feel free to share any level of business information with the brave hearts as long as it helps them, for example a psychology counselor, a volunteer working with NGO or a business that can actually be helpful to the Braveheart overcome their problem. We understand every assistance is an opportunity for personal and business growth but if your replies, advices and motives seem to revolve around only promoting a business or a service, the comment/post/video/image no matter how genuinely innocent or inconsequential, it shall be removed.
Thank You


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