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The shOUT specific guide

Hello, early on while working on this project we realized through talking to people that more half of the bad inhibitions and really bad experiences can be shut just by letting out the frustrations and thoughts that follow up in our dark twisted minds.
While this forum is not about redemption for you, this forum is not about passing a judgement on your actions either.
You maybe wondering how does letting out your inner demons help the world and an online community in any way?
It is simple, by letting out your frustration, one almost certainly gets a clear head and just the feeling of that weightlessness and a clear head in some cases ensures that you do not act up on your inhibitions.
You may now wonder, how does this work if the red guy with horns inside each of us has already carried out its vicious action like self harm?
Well at the very least then the world knows something like that has happened, even if those who have the thought of doing the same realize from your words how unhelpful those action are, it helps to better the world. We would rather have the world know that such thoughts and feelings exist so that experts can work to help others like you counter it, and eventually we hope that you have the courage to come forward and work with the experts on your negative instincts.
Each of us has a demon within us, this forum is not about sharing an emotion, passing on an experience, or for an advice... This forum is for you to put your darkest thought, deepest regret, worst mistakes out there into the world (anonymously).
No one shall pass a judgement, features are being worked on and moderators shall be given rights to remove any judgmental comments and replies. we are working on means and features that shall enable us to ensure minimal privacy issues on all the forum pages.
Thank You


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